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Some information about the paid staff at Caterham Baptist Church can be found below.

Jonathan Bailey

Jonathan is CBC's full-time minister. He and his family have been part of the church for about ten years. Although he had a Christian upbringing, he only got to know Jesus in 1998 after a work colleague invited him to a mid-week service at an Anglican church in the City of London, where he started to understand the great news of the Bible for the first time. He loves to have the opportunity to share it with anyone who will listen!

Christine Millman

Christine is married to Howard and has two children. She joined the church in 1996 and has been the administrator since 2008.

Aneta Vitkute

Aneta is CBC's full time youth worker. She became a Christian in her early 20s and God has put a real passion in her heart to tell youngsters about Jesus. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, travelling on short-term mission trips and looking after animals where possible.

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