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Why Homegroups?

In the New Testament there are descriptions of early church life that are very appealing. Groups who regularly met together were close knit, dynamic, and excited about their faith. These original churches met in people's homes and experienced an intimacy that can be difficult to attain in a whole church context (Acts 2:43-47, Ephesians 4:15-16).

Although we are not a particularly large church, many of us find that we can enjoy closer and more meaningful relationships with people in a smaller group. Homegroups exist to serve this purpose, and also to provide an environment in which we can study the Bible and pray in a more interactive and discussion-oriented way.

If you have any questions about our Home groups, please contact one of the group co-ordinators, or use the contact form.

Where? When?

The evening homegroups meet every week except weeks when here is a central midweek meeting. See also the monthly planner. The daytime groups meet during the weeks of school term time.

Tuesday @ 8pm - Caterham Valley
Co-ordinator Phillip Escott

Tuesday @ 8pm - Women's group - Caterham Valley
Co-ordinator Fiona Jarman

Wednesday @ 8pm - Caterham Valley
Co-ordinator Billy Singh

Wednesday @ 8pm - Caterham Valley
Co-ordinator Alan Vincent

Wednesday @ 8pm - Caterham Hill
Co-ordinator Mark Dudgeon

Wednesday @ 8pm - Caterham Hill
Co-ordinator Mike Jarman

Wednesday @ 1pm - Women's group - Caterham Valley
Co-ordinator Christine Millman

Thursday November 15th at 10.00am

Ladies Bible study
The group meets every fortnight and is currently studying the book of Proverbs. Newcomers are always welcome!
Please contact us for further details.

Tuesday November 13th and Wednesday November 14th at 8.00pm

Home groups meet this week.
In a small group there is opportunity for questions and discussion and for sharing personal requests for prayer - things which are not practical in our larger Sunday meetings. We encourage our church family to connect both with the larger meetings on Sundays and the smaller home groups.

Coming soon ...

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